And So It Goes

I pray for the strength to stand alone.
For the courage to still my feet when my heart tells me to run.
For the will to find the path that is mine own.
I pray for compassion and passion and all things encompassed.
That my heart is strong enough to carry the doubts of others.
That my hand is steady enough to lead.
I pray for the patience to understand your doing.
That my tears have not fallen for naught.
That my sorrows are merely the shadows of my triumphs.
I pray for the wisdom to choose.
To differentiate between right and good and wrong and bad,
And the insight into the possibility of grey in all situations.
I pray for acceptance.
Of others unto myself,
And of myself unto you.
But most of all,
I pray for love.
That your guidance allows me to stand alone, and lead, and carry, and understand, and triumph, and differentiate, and accept based on a heart that has given and received, and has been filled with the love of many.
And so I pray.
And so it goes.


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