Not All Who Wander Are Lost – But I Am.

Goodbye, Minden.

Hello, San Diego.

The epic saga of lost-ness and flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-ness continues for my next month in San Diego.

After a week, here are the kernels of wisdom I’ve discovered thus far:

  • Do not time your ten hour drive to SD to conclude during rush hour. You WILL get stuck for an extra two hours. You WILL get only bible thumping and mariachi band playing radio stations to listen to. And you WILL want to die.
  • There is such a thing as a Super Target. I think I actually did die, and now am in Heaven?
  • There is also such a thing as “Dang! Butterscotch Root Beer” served with a side of vanilla ice cream.  This is definitely Heaven.
  • Sales tax completely ruins the dollar menu.
  • All those Kung Fu movies in which people get karate chopping back massages? Yeah, I got one of those. And it was awesome.
  • They have church outside….because….it’s like….sunny out there?
  • It is apparently socially acceptable to be a trendy alternative lead singer at a concert and wear a banana yellow polo with embroidered palm trees on it.
  • It is ALSO socially acceptable to wear jean shorts smaller than your bikini bottoms. I believe Arrested Development’s Tobias might call these Always Nudes.
  • You may perhaps find yourself crashing on the couch of a six college boy household, and be very endearingly offered their finest curtains to sleep on top of.
  • If you’re not driving like a maniac, then you’re going too slow.
  • Easter egg hunts without home court advantage are ridiculously hard.

Stay posted for updates, and uh…..You stay classy, San Diego.


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